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Tiers and tier sets

When partners reach a certain level of sales activity, you can promote them to higher tiers to reward and further incentivise them.

For instance, you may have a bronze, silver and gold tier partner program, where your new partners begin on the bronze tier and as they reach higher levels of sales activity or higher levels of product knowledge, they can work they way up to silver and gold tiers, where they can achieve higher margins and other benefits.

Sometimes, you will want to have different tiers and required sales activity levels depending on the type of partner and the country they operate in. For this reason, Channelyze lets you define different tier sets for the same product family.

When the Channelyze account is first created, a Default tier set is created with a single “Bronze” tier defined.

This default bronze tier requires zero sales activity in order to qualify. This means that all partners will automatically qualify for this tier and so will automatically be assigned to this tier by default.

If you want to add additional tiers to the default tier set, you can do so by pressing the + New Tier button. Enter a name for the new tier, for instance “Silver” and ensure that the previous tier is correctly specified. Channelyze needs to know the previous tier so that it knows which tier to promote partners to when they achieve the required level of sales activity.

You can specify different levels of sales activity to achieve this tier, based on the country where the sales are being conducted. For instance, in regions where there is price sensitivity, you may choose to lower the requirement for sales revenue in that region. You can specify the required amount of sales revenue for a region by pressing the + Add Regional Target link, entering the required annual revenue and selecting the corresponding regions or countries.

You can separately specify the number of transactions you require a partner to achieve in order to reach this tier. Do this by entering a value into the Deals Conducted field and selecting a time period. For instance if you entered 10 into the Deals Conducted field and selected 6 months from the Within field, a partner would need to have achieved 10 transactions in the last 6 months in order to qualify for this tier.

When partners achieve a new tier they will be entitled to additional benefits, that you define. For instance you can give them an increased margin, you can enable them to see and transact on otherwise prviously restricted product families. You can also enable them for deal protection and optionally further increased margin on deal registration.

All of the above is configurable in the Tier Enablements section of the Tier dialog.

If you want to create an additional tier set for the same product family, press the +New Tier Set link and enter a name for the tier set, select the partner types that the tier set will apply to and ensure that the correct product family is selected in the Associated Product Family selector.