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Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is a leading marketing-based CRM platform. Channelyze can integrate with Hubspot to synchronise company, contacts and deals with Channelyze leads and partners. The synchronisation is two-way, meaning that changes made in Channelyze are reflected in Hubspot and vice versa.


Start by enabling the Hubspot integration by clicking the Manage button next to Hubspot in the Integrations tab of the Settings area. Then press the Enabled button.

Next, press the New Connection button and sign into your Hubspot account. Ensure that you sign in as a user with sufficient priviledges to create new contacts and leads. Enter a suitable name for the connection in the Connect to Hubspot dialog box (or accept the default name) and press OK. The Hubspot configuration settings will be shown in the panel underneath.

Synchronising leads & deals

The integration supports two-way update synchronisation of leads and deals, however only leads and deals created in Channelyze will be syncrhonised to Hubspot. Deals created in Hubspot will not be synchronised to Channelyze. This is because the integration does not know whether a deal created in Hubspot is related to channel sales. Instead, the integration provides a custom action for creating Channelyze leads that can be used within Hubspot workflows. This is described in more detail below.

To enable synchronisation of leads and deals, select “Yes” from the “Synchronise leads & deals” dropdown and select the pipeline in Hubspot where Channelyze deals will be synchronised to. The default pipeline is selected initially.

Also, select the Hubspot deal stage that new Channelyze deals will be set to. The Qualified to buy deal stage is selected by default.

When a lead or deal is synchronised with Hubspot, the integration will create a Hubspot company and contact record for the end user and create a Hubspot deal that is associated with both the company and contact. If, as a vendor or distributor, you prefer to see deals associated with the transacting partner instead, you can choose Link deals to partner from the “Choose how to link deals” field. With this configuration, a Hubspot company and contact will be created to represent the transacting partner, if it does not already exist, and the corresponding deal will be linked to the company and contact.

You can control the title of Hubspot deals that are synchronised from deals that are created in Channelyze. New Channelyze deals default to {{dealname}} [{{dealtype}}], where dealname is the name of the Channelyze deal (typically the end user) and dealtype is the type of deal, e.g. New, Upsell or Renewal. For instance, a renewal deal in Channelyze for a company called Widgets Inc would appear in Hubspot as “Widgets Inc [Renewal]”.

If you want to include the value of the deal in the title you can also include the replacement field. A summary of the replacement fields for naming Hubspot deals is as follows:

Replacement field Description
dealname The name of the deal as shown in Channelyze
dealtype The type of the deal in Channelyze. Possible values are ‘New’, ‘Upsell’ or ‘Renewal’.
dealvalue The value of the deal.
partnername The name of the partner associated with the deal.

When the integration creates companies as a result of sychronising a lead or deal, it can mark the Hubspot company record as a certain type. This is set to Prospect by default, but you can change this by selecting a different option from the “Select the Hubspot company type to use for leads” field.

By default, existing Channelyze leads and deals will not be synchronised from Channelyze to Hubspot. Only new leads and deals created in Channelyze will be synnchorised. To start the one-way synchronisation process for existing Channelyze leads and deals, press the Transfer leads and deals to Hubspot button. This button may be pressed multiple times without causing any duplication.

Creating a Channelyze lead from Hubspot

The Hubspot intgration does not automatically synchronise deals created in Hubspot over to Channelyze, nor does it create Channelyze leads when Hubspot companies or contacts are added. This is because new Hubspot contacts, companies and deals are not necessarily associated with channel business and so the integration can’t just blindly synchronise them over. Instead, Channelyze leads can be created from within Hubspot workflows. The Hubspot integration provides a custom action, that may be selected when creating workflow actions within Hubspot.

The information stored in Channelyze leads is sourced from Hubspot company and contact fields. So, although a Channelyze lead can be created from a Hubspot contact-based workflow using just information derived from Hubspot contacts, such leads will not include any company-related information, for instance, the company name.

To create a Channelyze lead that includes both company information and contact information, it is recommended that the Hubspot source be a contact that is associated with a company.

There are various strategies for how you might want to synchronize contacts/companies from Hubspot over to Channelyze. For instance, you may want to create Channelyze leads from any contact that you add to a specific Hubspot static list. To create such a workflow, start by creating a static list in Hubspot called “Channel leads”. Next, create a new contact-based Hubspot workflow and set the enrolment trigger to be whenever a Hubspot contact has it’s “List membership” set to “Channelyze leads”.

Next, create an action by pressing the + button under the Contact enrollment trigger box. From the “Choose an action” panel, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Create lead”. You will see the Channelyze logo next to the “Create lead” text.

You’ll be presented with a form, which shows all the available fields that may be populated in order to create a Channelyze lead. From the Company name field, search for “Company name”. Similarly for the First name field, select “First name” and so on. The Country and email fields are mandatory. For the Country field, select “Country/Region”. For the email field, select “Email”. You may wish to consider updating the contact enrolment trigger to only enrol contacts into the workflow that have a valid country set in the contact’s Country/region field.

Unfortunately, Hubspot workflows cannot fill the Channelyze form with information from an associated company, so when you selected the Company name field at the top of the form, you were not choosing the name of the associated company, but simply a contact field called “Company name”, which is entirely separate from the associated company’s name. As such, a pre-processor stage is required, just before the “Create lead” action, which will copy the associated company’s name to this field.

Add an action “Copy company property value” just prior to the “Create lead” action. From the “Source company property” dropdown, select ‘Name’ and from the “Target property type”, select “Contact”. Then choose “Company name” from the “Target property”. This will ensure that the contact’s “Company name” field is correctly populated from the associated company’s name.

Synchronising partners

THe integration can synchronise partners from Channelyze into companies and contacts in Hubspot. Once synchronised, certain changes made in Hubspot will be reflected in Channelyze and vice versa. New partners added to Channelyze will appear in Hubspot automatically, and will be kept synchronised. Existing partners in Channelyze will only be synchronised with Hubspot when the Transfer Partners To Hubspot button is pressed.

For new and existing companies/contacts in Hubspot to be synchronised to Channelyze, certain conditions must be met. Firstly, the integration must be configured for Bi-directional synchronisation. Secondly, a Hubspot company must have at least one contact with an email address specified. Thirdly, the type of the Hubspot company must be set to the type selected in the “Select the Hubspot company type to use for partners” field in the integration configuration settings (which defaults to “Reseller”).

New companies added to Hubspot that match this criteria will be added as partner applications in Channelyze. An invitation will be sent to the contact associated with the Hubspot company to accept an invitation to join Channelyze.

Existing companies in Hubspot that match this criteria will not be added as partner applications until the Transfer Partners To Hubspot button is pressed.