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Channelyze lets you assign the partners you deal with into various regions and then assign various regions to different users within the organisation. This makes it easier for Channelyze to know which users to notify when certain sales activities take place in a particular region.

When you create a Channelyze account, a number of pre-defined regions are created and associated with relevant countries. The pre-defined regions are standard regions that most organisations recognise. However, if you want to define different regions, then this may be done from within the Regions tab of the Settings area.

To create a new Region, press the New Region button. Specify a name for the region and select the countries that will form part of the region. A country cannot belong to more than one region, so only countries that do not belong to a region will show in the Available Countries list.

You can edit existing regions by clicking on the relevant entry in the Regions tab.