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Product families

Channelyze lets you group your various products and offerings into different product families. Grouping your products into different families lets you control which of your partners can see and transact on each of your products.

When you first create a Channelyze account, a Default product family is created. This is the product family that is automatically assigned to any new partners that you recruit.

You can rename the product family by viewing the Product Families tab from within the Settings area and then selecting Rename from the actions menu next to the relevant product family entry in the list. Enter a new name for the product family and press OK.

You can create a new product family by pressing the New Product Family button and entering a name for the product family and pressing OK.

To configure a product family, click on the relevant entry in the Product Families list. You are taken to a page, which shows the set of price lists configured for the product family in the Price Lists tab and also a list of Tier sets, where you can define the tier levels that partners are associated with.

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