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Channelyze lets you upload and publish assets to partners. Assets are docuuments that help your partners learn more about your products and help them market your products to their partners and end users. Assets that you publish might include sales decks, webinars, logos, product sheets, price lists and videos.

You can publish different assets to different partner types with access to different product families in different regions. You can also categorise assets into different asset types. You do this from within the Assets tab of the Settings area.

Channelyze includes a set of default asset types. You can edit the name and colour of these pre-defined types by clicking on the asset type in the list. You can also delete the asset type by selecting “Delete asset type” from the Actions dropdown list. You can create new asset type by cliecing the New Asset Type button.

To add new assets, a user in the account must have access to the high level “Assets” permission. They must also have access to the “Can create assets” sub permission.

You can create a new asset and manage existing assets by selecting the Assets item in the left-hand menu pane.

The Assets page shows all of the assets currently defined in the account. You can filter the assets shown by product family, partner type, asset type and region.

To create a new asset press the New Asset button and drag a file from your desktop or file explorer/finder window to the area labelled “Drag & drop a file or browse”. Alternatively, click the word Browse to show a file chooser dialog.

Once you have uploaded the file, a preview thumbnail will be generated. This may take some time. Also enter a title and description and choose the asset type of the newly uploaded asset. Select also the product families that the asset applies to and choose which type of partner should be able to see the asset. Finally, choose the regions associated with the asset. For example, if you select EMEA, all partners associated with EMEA that also satisfy the other filters will be able to see the asset.

Before an asset is visible to your partners, it must first be published. You can publish an asset from the list of assets. Select the Actions dropdown next to the asset you wish to publish and select “Publish asset” from the dropdown menu.

If you want to edit the asset and change the name, description or other filters, then click on the entry in the list and change the details in the asset configuration view.