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Channelyze lets you design and publish various forms that your partners will use for submitting leads, registering deals and for when new partners apply to become a partner.

By default, Channelyze creates three default forms:

Form Description
Partner Application Form A form used when applying to become a new partner.
Lead Form A form used by your partners when adding leads for your products and offerings.
Deal Form A form used by your partners when registering deals.

Both the Partner Application form and the Lead form may be published externally on to a web site. Configure the form, by selecting Configure from the Actions menu and pressing the Publish button in the form designer.

When you press Publish some HTML code will be shown. You can add this to the relevant portion of your website to embed the relevant form into your website.

Channelyze lets you create additional forms for collecting partner applications, leads and deals. This gives you the opportunity to request different information in different forms and to identify the source of your leads and applications.

To create an additional form, press the New form button and enter a name and description for the form and select the type of form that you want to add. This tells Channelyze how to use the data submitted in the form. Press OK to save the form.

To design the fields in a form, select Configure from the Actions menu. You can add fields to the form by dragging the required field from the left-hand Fields pane and dropping it over the form area. You can structure a form into multiple columns by dragging the Column item from the left-hand fields pane and dropping it in the appropriate place within the form area. Then drag and drop fields to the relevant column.

If you wish to restore a default form to its original configuration, click the link labelled “Click here to reset the form back to the default settings” and press OK to confirm the action.