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Price lists

Initially there are no price lists defined. To add a price list, press the New Price List button.

When defining a price list, you specify a name for the price list, for instance “EMEA Price list”, and you select the regions where the price list applies. Also, select a currency for the price list. Then press OK.

Partners that have been given access to the product family will have access to all price lists that are assigned to any of the regions associated with the partner.

Once you have defined a price list, you can configure a set of products for that price list. Do so by clicking on the price list entry and then pressing the New Product button.

Enter a name for the product and specify the following information:

Field Description
Price model Choose between subscription and perpetual models
Contract length If a subcription model is selected, specify the number of months or years of the length of the subscription initial term.
Billing period If a subcription model is selected, specify how frequently the customer will be billed.
Auto renews If a subcription model is selected, choose whether the subscription will auto-renew when the initial term ends.
Tiered pricing Choose from flat, where there is a single per-unit price for the product, Tiered, where you can define the unit price to change based on the number of units, or Volume based, where you can define different levels of fixed prices for the product.

Press OK to save the product price configuration.